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We Are Marte Community Medical Center

Normalizing Mental Health Is What We Do

Mental health matters; normalizing it is what we do. Marte Community Medical Center wants everybody in Miami Gardens, FL, to have access to a compassionate therapist coupled with the right diagnosis. We are part of the DAESA Behavior Health parent company and strive to make the community a better place by giving people answers. No internet article or self-help book will ever come close to offering what a therapist can.

If life becomes more than just a little stressful, that's when it's time to seek help. We work with clients managing addictions, panic disorders, crippling anxiety, and so much more. Our job is to give you the full support you need. We want each client to live life to the fullest and feel empowered to cope with stressful situations.

Don't have insurance, or your insurance won't cover treatment? No need to worry! We have affordable payment plans available for private pay patients. Marte Community Medical Center will work with you to help get you the treatment and support you deserve.

More Than Just Counseling

A Lot Goes Into Our Therapy

We want to change the game when it comes to addiction treatment and mental health counseling. Our therapeutic approaches can be as intensive as they need to be so you can live your best life. It's why we offer so many services and approaches to mental health treatment. Our services range from psychiatry and individual therapy to group and family therapy. We look forward to finding a solution that works for you.

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