Marte Community Medical Center
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Services We Provide

Range From Occupational Therapy to Psychiatry

Our services provide patients with a variety of coping skills. Whether your stress happens inside or outside the home, we want you to bolster your self-awareness and manage your thoughts with ease.

We offer affordable payment plans for private pay patients to make our services accessible to all. If you do not have insurance, please reach out to us to take advantage of our payment plan options.

Social Work

Our social workers work with elderly patients to help them manage insurance applications, their food stamps, and their mental health. We also provide social work services to children managing their mental health and behavior as well.


We can prescribe medications and help you manage your dosages to treat any mental health diagnosis. Psychiatry encompasses both the medical and psychological components of self-improvement.

Individual Therapy

Your therapist is here to be your listening ear. Talking out your issues can help provide clarity so you can feel empowered to tackle any stressful situation.

Group Therapy

Bolster your self-awareness with the dynamic of group therapy. Marte Community Medical Center works with groups of individuals with similar mental health goals. Take advantage of our judgment-free environment as you cope with anxiety, depression, addiction, and more.

Family Counseling

Families can talk it out at Marte Community Medical Center We'll help everyone communicate effectively and set healthy boundaries. That way, your family dynamic and family relationships can flourish.

Physical Therapy

Our providers believe that mental and physical health are not mutually exclusive but that they go hand in hand. DAESA Behavioral Health Inc. offers physical therapy to help you thrive in any day-to-day setting without addictive medicine.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy provides you with independence. We'll help you navigate daily living skills so you can recover and feel confident no matter what.


Rehabilitation helps anyone overcome the dark days of addiction. With our help, you and your loved ones can seek hope and a brighter future. Deciding to get help means you're already halfway there, as that's the hard part.

PTSD Therapy

Our PTSD therapy helps you erase negative and frightening images from your mind. Regardless of the trauma you face, we'll help you cope when stressful thoughts begin. You deserve to let go and feel calm.

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